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Alcolin Evo Stik Like Sh*t 290ml (Various Colours)

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Service Temperature -40°C to +100°C Drying Times Touch Dry: 30 to 40 minutes Cure Time: 24 hours depending on bead size and substrates being bonded Resistances Water: Excellent resistance Oil & Petrol: Good resistance Chemicals: Good resistance Abrasion: Good resistance

Alcolin Paint Stripper (Various Sizes)

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ALCOLIN HEAVY DUTY PAINT STRIPPER is a heavy-duty paint and coating remover, which is non-flammable, super strong and quick acting. It has a non-alkali formula, which is solvent-based and will not damage bared surfaces. It removes enamels, varnishes and PVA paints from wood, metal and plaster, and also softens adhesives and bitumen, for easy removal.

Alcolin Cornice Adhesive (Various Sizes)

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ALCOLIN CORNICE ADHESIVE is an off white, high strength, flexible, low shrinkage ready mix paste adhesive used to bond cornices including polystyrene cornices to a variety of different substrates such as plaster, painted or cement surfaces. ALCOLIN CORNICE ADHESIVE can be painted over with any suitable paint such as PVA, Acrylic or Enamel.

Alcolin Anti Rust (Various Sizes)

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ALCOLIN ANTI RUST is a superior acrylic based corrosion resistant primer for use on new metal, galvanized iron and already rusted surfaces. Contains both anti-corrosion and corrosion converting pigments to prevent surfaces from rusting. Contains additional additives to prevent flash rusting.

Alcolin Permobond (Various Sizes)

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ALCOLIN CONCENTRATED PERMOBOND is a water-based synthetic ter-polymer designed for use as a bonding agent between new and old surfaces, and as a primer to toughen friable, powdery surfaces. It is also ideal as a keying agent, protective barrier coating, additive, and adhesive and for enhancing water resistance. Excellent adhesion to plaster, mortars, concrete, enamel paint, PVA, and acrylic paint, wood, metal, brick, and stone.

Alcolin Evo Stik Gripfill 310ml

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R 99.00
EVO-STIK GRIPFILL is solvent-borne, filled rubber resin adhesive, developed to bond virtually any rigid material together, regardless of the evenness

Alcolin Evo Stik Glazing Silicone 290ml

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High modulus sealant suitable for all types of glazing Can also be used to form in-situ gaskets and draught proofing

Alcolin Flexi-Tiler (Various Sizes)

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ALCOLIN FLEXI-TILER FLEXIBLE CERAMIC TILE ADHESIVE is a fast grab, non-slip, ready mixed, thin-bed tile adhesive for light duty application onto internal and sheltered external walls and floors.

Alcolin Woodfiller (Various Colours)

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ALCOLIN WOODFILLER is a fast setting, water-based, ready-mixed wood stopping. Suitable for use on soft woods, hard woods, chipboard, fibreboards, metal screws, nail-heads and plaster. Available in white, pine, meranti, imbuia, oak, sapele, natural, cherry, beech, mahogany, oregan pine, dark brown and black.

Alcolin Wood Glue Waterproof 280ml

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ALCOLIN WATERPROOF GLUE is a one-component professional-strength, waterproof polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for assembly work and for use with hardwoods, softwoods and non-flammable building boards. It is also specially suited for window-frame stock, windows and shutters. provides a longer open time than PVA glues, offers good sandability and is unaffected by finishes.

Alcolin Wood Glue Ultra – Water Based (Various Sizes)

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ALCOLIN ULTRA WOOD GLUE is a LOW VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), waterbased wood glue. It combines the safety, strength, sandability, and ease of use and water cleanup of PVA adhesives with the durability, open time and water-resistance of a polyurethane. Excellent adhesion to hard woods (imbuia, oak), soft woods (pine, meranti) and composites (hardboard, chipboard, supawood).