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Rotary Burr Tork Craft Conical 6 X 16mm (70606)

SKU: ALP77966110
R 569.30

Drill Bit Alpen Set Hex Sh 3 Pce (Apm3)

R 231.10
Alpen Hex Shank HSS Super 3 Piece Set Steel 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm

Drill Bit Alpen SDS Plus (Various Sizes)

SKU: 80704elf
R 63.00R 786.00
Range of application: The SDS-plus hammer drill bit F4 with its patented 4X stepped profile and patented tip. Low wear,

Alpen Drill Bit Set Masonry (Various Pack Sizes)

SKU: 008002elf
R 235.00R 299.00
Sets available: 5 Piece 8 Piece

Alpen Drill Bit Set for Metal (Various Pack Sizes)

SKU: ALP10elf
R 287.00R 448.50
Alpen HSS Sprint Drill Bit Sets Sets Available: 6 Piece 10 Piece 13 Piece

Alpen Drill Bit Set 5 Piece for Wood (TM5)

R 265.00
Alpen Holz Drill Bit Set 5 Piece Wood 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm

Drill Bit Alpen Multicut Hex Shank (Various Sizes)

SKU: 27204elf
R 142.00R 243.00
Range of application: Extremely versatile and precise drilling – even with changing drills in various materials. For precision rotary drilling

Drill Bit Alpen Multicut (Various Sizes)

SKU: 72906elf
R 152.00R 302.00
Alpen Drill Bit Multicut 6 x 200/135mm Diameter Ø mm: 6.0 mm Complete length: 200 mm Cutting length: 135 mm

Drill Bit Alpen Masonry Long (Various Sizes)

SKU: 36706elf
R 35.00R 936.00
Range of application: Masonry drill bit type Long Life, milled flutes, for percussion and rotary drilling in concrete, brick and

Alpen Drill Bit HSS Sprint Long (Various Sizes)

SKU: 528061elf
R 134.00R 189.00
Range of application: HSS twist drill ground from solid, bright finish: toughness and precision combined with excellent cutting effciency for

Alpen Drill Bit HSS Sprint (Various Sizes)

SKU: 614031elf
R 35.00R 130.00
“Range of application: HSS twist drill: toughness and precision combined with excellent cutting efficiency for drilling alloyed carbon and plain

Alpen Drill Bit For Porcelin (Various Sizes)

SKU: ALP30010elf
R 319.00R 495.00
Range of application: For extremely hard porcelain/gres tiles up to Mohs/Ritz hardness 9 and glass. No cooling required. Please note