Duram Armatex (Various Colours)

R 319.00R 829.00
Fine Textured A tough, flexible fine textured exterior wall paint that covers hairline cracks and hides plaster imperfections

Duram Wall Sheen White (Various Sizes)

SKU: 221380a
R 149.00R 1 499.00
Premium Low Sheen Interior and Exterior - Acrylic - Easy Care An premium low sheen wall and trims paint that is washable, dirt resistant and easy to maintain.

Duram Wall And Ceiling White (Various Sizes)

SKU: 221375a
R 139.00R 1 049.00
Premium Matt Interior and Exterior - Water Based An attractive, smooth matt pure best selling paint for walls and ceilings, that is washable and easy to clean.

Duram Roofkote 20L (Various Colours)

R 999.00R 1 049.00
Pure Acrylic Roof Paint Exterior A premium pure acrylic roof paint that provides highly attractive, all-weather protection.

Duram Nuglo 5L (Various Colours)

R 689.00
Luxurious Medium Sheen Enamel A luxurious yet tough medium sheen enamel for trims, doors and windows with an easy paint, non-drip gel formulation.

Duram Habitat 90ml (Various Test Colours)

R 26.00R 29.00
TRY A COLOUR SAMPLE Each colour is available for purchase in a convenient and affordable 90ml low sheen Colour Sample.

Duram Enamel & Trim 5L (Various Colours)

R 529.00
Premium Gloss Enamel A premium semi-gloss enamel, that is water-based, has low odour and low VOC

Durabak Spray Black 1L

SKU: 7191001
R 329.00
Polyurethane Bakkie Liner A tough, non-slip polyurethane bakkie liner for bakkie load beds and walkways.