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Flash Harry Frogskin Roof (Various Colours)

R 285.00R 1 065.00
FROGSKIN is a terpolymer roof paint for use on metal and tiled roofs, specifically designed to dramatically increase adhesion to the roof substrate as well as ensure lasting colour fastness, providing long-term stability and non-fading beauty.

Flash Harry Wonder Fill (Various Sizes)

R 56.00R 299.00
Ready-mix multipurpose filler Wonder-Fill is a ready mixed, easy to use multipurpose, interior and exterior, which dries to a tough semi flexible, sand able and paintable surface with 101 uses around the home.

Flash Harry Squeeze N Seal 1l (Various Colours)

R 149.00
Squeeze n' Seal is fibre reinforced, thick waterproofing compound for a quick and easy way of sealing smaller waterproofing details.

Flash Harry Slurry Seal Waterproofing 5L

SKU: 203149
R 326.00
Cementitious waterproofing kit.

Flash Harry One Shot + Membrane

R 72.00R 205.00
Durable acrylic and membrane waterproofing system

Flash Harry Membrane Patch

R 33.00R 49.00
Membrane roof screw patches

Flash Harry Membrane (Various Sizes)

R 25.00R 46.00
S.B.P (stitch bonded polyester) waterproofing membrane Reinforcing waterproofing membrane used in conjunction with acrylic and bitumen waterproofing compounds.

Flash Harry Liquid Plastic 5l (Various Colours)

R 335.00
A pure acrylic waterproofing polymer. A pure acrylic waterproofing polymer, modified with latex that allows extreme flexibility, UV stability and adhesion. 350% stretch. For roofs, walls, parapets and all roofing applications. Available in 5 colours.

Flash Harry Hypercrete 5L

SKU: 216521
R 395.00
Cement modifier and keying agent. A synthetic latex admixture for cement compositions which greatly improves adhesion to substrates, improves resistance to water and water vapour as well as dramatically increases strength.

Flash Harry Fibre Flex 5L (Various Colours)

R 422.00R 472.00
Premium quality fibre-reinforced acrylic. An easy-to-use non-toxic compound for waterproofing parapets, flat roofs, roof tiles, walls, gutters, water features and fish ponds. Available in 8 colours.

Flash Harry Drip Stop Fibre 5L

SKU: 216520
R 359.00
Rubberised bitumen sealer with built in membrane. A non-toxic water-based rubberised bitumen compound with high flexibility, ideal for fishponds, reservoirs, flat roofs, foundation walls and most roofing details.