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Olfa Cutter Model Sk7 Safety 12.5mm

SKU: 721452
R 79.00
Olfa® Compact Safety Knife Compact cutter that fits any hand or pocket for convenience Cat no: SK-7

Olfa Cutter Model Sk-15 Safety Disposable Knife

SKU: 206453
R 43.00
Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife Protected blade exposure for ultimate safety Cat no: SK-15/10

Olfa Blades 25mm 5-Pack (HBB5B)

SKU: 219295
R 92.00
25mm Black Ultra-Sharp Snap-Off Blades For: H1, NH1 and XH1 cutters Qty: 5 /Pack

Olfa Cutter (180 Black)

SKU: 124572
R 55.00
Olfa® 180 black

Olfa Scraper Blades Extra Heavy (BSF-6B)

SKU: 209056
R 116.00
100MM Flexible Dual-Edge Scraper Blades

Olfa Scissors Serrated Edge 5 Inch (SCS-1)

SKU: 123114
R 252.00
Olfa® Serrated Scissors Model SCS-1

Olfa Scissors Serrated Edge (SCS-3)

SKU: 123115
R 139.00
Olfa® Serrated Scissors Model SCS-3

Olfa Scissors Serrated Edge (SCS-2)

SKU: 123116
R 340.00
Olfa® Serrated Scissors Model SCS-2

Olfa Mat Cutting 900 X 620mm A1 Craft (CM-A1)

SKU: 123124
R 790.00
Olfa® 940 x 630 mm multi-purpose self-healing craft mat

Olfa Mat Cutting 300 X 450mm A3 Craft (CM-A3)

SKU: 218221
R 205.00
Olfa® 320 x 450 mm multi-purpose self-healing craft mat

Olfa Cutter Utility (SL-1)

SKU: 125147
R 73.00
Olfa® Slide Mechanism Utility Knife

Olfa Cutter Utility (MODEL 300)

SKU: 40311
R 94.00
Olfa® Wheel-Lock Utility Knife