Pica Refill For Longlife Automatic (Pica4020-Sb)

SKU: 222389
R 145.00
For almost all surfaces, no matter if dry or wet, glossy or rough, dusty or oily, bright or dark.

Pica Pocket 1 For All+ Marking Pencil (Pica505-03)

SKU: 222391
R 179.00
Robust pencil quiver: matches all thick wooden pencils, no matter if oval, flat-oval, black-edge, triangular or hexagonal shape, no matter which length – even the smallest stump

Pica Marker For Deep Holes (Various Colours)

SKU: 222386elf
R 169.00
Marks on almost all kinds of dry surfaces

Pica Graphite Big Dry Marker (Pica6060-Sb)

SKU: 222392
R 339.00
Very robust and longlasting

Pica Dry Longlife Automatic (Pica3030-Sb)

SKU: 222388
R 239.00
Extremely long lasting and sustainable due to high quality product technique and refill ability