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Pratley Patlok Gasket Grade 50ml

SKU: 92090
R 96.00
Silicone Free. Flange Sealant & Gasket Maker. Can be used on Pipe flanges, Engine-sumps, Gear Boxes, Water Pumps. Can be

Pratley Glue 500ml Clear (B)

SKU: 83229
R 299.00
This is a standard (Slow setting) version of Pratley Quickset® Clear Glue(See DIY Adhesives). Light Tan/Brown colour. Each pack contains

Pratley Frogzeggz Glow Powder 8g

SKU: 96117
R 78.00
Glow-in-the-Dark powder for Pratley FrogzEggz and other clear Pratley Adhesives. Green in colour. Non-toxic. Can also be added to Kraftex

Pratley Wondafix 30ml

SKU: 970070
R 68.00
Dispensers of 20 Packs. Each pack contains 2 x tubes (30ml hanging pack).

Pratley UV Bond 3g

SKU: 98050
R 74.00
Dispensers of 10 Bubble Packs. Each containing a 3g bottle.

Pratley Super Glue 3gm

SKU: 98003
R 32.00
Superglue Dispenser of 20 Packs.

Pratley Super Glue 20gm

SKU: 98004
R 50.00
Superglue Dispenser of 20 x 20g bottles.

Pratley Steel Quickset 40ml

SKU: 87005
R 68.00
Dispensers of 20 Packs. Each pack contains 2 x 20ml tubes (40ml hanging pack).

Pratley Steel Putty 125g

SKU: 84136
R 58.00
Dispensers of 20 Packs. Each pack 125g (hanging pack).

Pratley Spec Performance Adhesive (SP001) 500ml

SKU: 83230
R 425.00
Dispenser of 2 x 250ml Jars.