Reinol-Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd was established in 1982 in Primrose, Gauteng and has, since then, grown to a staff complement of over 45 employees, and has offices and distributors throughout Southern Africa.

Reinol Janek Chemicals (Pty) Ltd is an SABS accredited chemical manufacturer of handcleaners, general purpose cleaners and degreasers as well as many other cleaning related chemicals for industrial, commercial and retail markets

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Reinol Sterigent Concentrate 5L (Hard Surface Sanitizer)

SKU: 219726
R 289.00
Sterigent is a concentrated, versatile liquid disinfectant cleaner having excellent cleaning and deodorizing properties. It has been specially formulated so that when used as directed it will not harm non-porous hard environmental surfaces.

Reinol Hand Cleaner 500ml

SKU: 010150
R 70.00
Reinol Hand Cleaner 500ml

Hand Cleaner Reinol 250ml

SKU: 601503
R 48.00
Reinol Hand Cleaner 250ml

Hand Cleaner Reinol 2 Litre Tub

SKU: 625382
R 245.00
Reinol Hand Cleaner 2 Litre Tub

Reinol Hand Cleaner 2 Litre Cartridge for Dispenser

SKU: 001854
R 245.00
REINOL ORIGINAL hand wash paste is a skin-friendly, yet highly effective hand cleansing product with rounded river sand incorporated as a natural abrasive.

Reinol Hand Cleaner 10 Litre

SKU: 85745
R 999.00
Reinol Hand Cleaner 10 Litre

Hand Cleaner Reinol 1 Litre Tub

SKU: 424547
R 125.00
Reinol Hand Cleaner 1 Litre Tub

Reinol H/D Cleaner BH38 750ml

SKU: 112251
R 56.00
Reinol H/D Cleaner BH38 750ml