Spraymate Polyurethane Clear Satin 250ml

SKU: 217710
R 85.00
ABOUT POLYURETHANE TOP COAT Polyurethane Top Coat is a clear polyurethane coating that seals and protects wood, giving it a

Spraymate Aerosol 250ml Primer (Various Colours)

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R 72.00R 130.00
**Colours indicated are for illustration purposes**

Spraymate Aerosol 250ml Metallic (Various Colours)

SKU: 216044elf
R 80.00
**Colours indicated are for illustration purposes**

Spraymate Aerosol 250ml Cold Galvanising Spray

SKU: 216023
R 127.00
Spraymate® Cold Galvanizing Spray stops rust and corrosion caused by welding and atmospheric exposure. • It is excellent for re-coating or spot-priming weathered galvanized surfaces and repairing areas damaged by welding

Spraymate Aerosol 250ml Art Chalkboard Black

SKU: 202980
R 87.00
It can be easily wiped with a wet cloth, repeatedly.

Spraymate Aerosol 250ml (Various Colours)

SKU: 209147elf
R 72.00
SPRAYMATE fast drying spray paint is a lacquer-based spray paint formulated with a rust inhibitor suitable for both interior and

Spraymate Stainer 50ml (Various Colours)

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R 13.50R 19.40
Spraymate® Universal Tinter is suitable for tinting oil, cellulose, alkyd, PVA and other emulsion paints. **Colours indicated are for illustration