Wynns Cleen Green (Various Sizes)

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R 79.00R 109.00
No Bleach or Ammonia, Concentrated formula The name you know from the brand you can trust! Wynns Cleen Green penetrates

Wynns C-Thru 250ml

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R 85.00
Wynn’s C Thru is a truly remarkable innovative rain dispersant product for windscreens and windows.

Wynns Gasket Maker RTV 90ml (Various Colours)

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R 85.00
Sensor Safe high temp room temperature vulcanizing gasketing compound Wynn’s Sensor Safe, High-Temp RTV is a one-component, room temperature vulcanizing

Wynns Steel Epoxy (Sets in 5 Minutes)

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R 70.00
Multi use epoxy sets in 5 minutes

Wynns Windscreen Wash For Cars

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R 22.00
Removes dirt effortlessly

Wynns Aircon Treatment

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R 99.00
Eliminates viruses, bacteria and odours in minutes

Wynns Engine Start Aerosol 200ml

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R 109.00
Wynn’s Engine Start is the easy solution to starting problems.