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WORX HydroShot Pressure Cleaner WRX WG625E.2

The WORX WG625E.2 HydroShot brings 20V cordless power to pressure cleaning. A light, compact design means easy cleaning on the go. With up to 10x the pressure of a normal hose, the innovative HydroShot is completely portable as it draws water from any source. Completely portable so you can clean anywhere there is water, including using a bucket, stream or pool. Gives 30 minutes of continuous runtime.


The WORX WG625E.2 HydroShot is part of the WORX 20V powershare battery platform, allowing you to share your 20V MAX li-ion battery with your other WORX garden & DIY tools. Expand your cordless system, share batteries and save money.


Thanks to the Powershare™ platform this will allow you to interchange your batteries with your other 20V WORX tools.


Portable water and cleaning device eliminates bulky hoses and cords

3-4 times more pressure than garden hose & nozzle

Adjustable nozzle settings: 0°, 25°, 40°, shower, mist

Dual system Design: Watering and power cleaning

Single pressure control