Crosby Clamps (3mm – 25mm)

R 1.70R 25.00
Crosby Cable Clamps are great for ropes courses, zip line, high elements, and low ropes challenge courses Cable Clamps, sometimes called cable stops or cable clips, are tools that are used to clamp down on wire rope commonly used in industrial applications as well as in zip lining and ropes course construction.

Reinol Hand Cleaner 500ml

SKU: 010150
R 70.00
Reinol Hand Cleaner 500ml

Welding Rods Vitemax

R 138.00R 1 100.00
Afrox Vitemax® is a premium quality rutile electrode for general mild steel work in all positions, including vertical downwards.

Roof Buddy Verge Tile 1.0m

SKU: 16100371
R 195.00
Unique and patented metal roof fascia system The Roof Buddy system was designed and developed for the South African building industry. It offers an alternative to the more traditional fascia systems, made from fibre cement, asbestos, plastic, wood, steel and concrete.

Sandpaper Floor Per Meter (Various Grit)

SKU: FR40elf
R 16.00R 17.00
TYPICAL APPLICATION: Designed for hand-sanding of a wide variety of substrates Applications including wood sanding, smoothing of crack fillers on walls prior to painting, cleaning or surface preparation of steel structures eg. gates, drainpipes etc

Masking Tape 48mm X 40 Meter

SKU: MT4840
R 33.00
It is available in a variety of widths. It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied.

Duram Armatex (Various Colours)

R 319.00R 829.00
Fine Textured A tough, flexible fine textured exterior wall paint that covers hairline cracks and hides plaster imperfections

Gav Air Reducer 1/4″ M X 1/4″ F (26)

SKU: GAV12154
R 33.00
GAV1215-4 Conical Reducer Thread: 1/4" Male x 1/4" Female BSP Screw Thread

Rhinolite Multipurpose 40kg Bag

R 399.00
RhinoLite is a lightweight retarded hemihydrate gypsum plaster, specially manufactured as a combined basecoat, finishing and multi-purpose plaster for internal

Woodoc Steelwool Fine/Med 50g

R 16.50
High quality Woodoc SteelWool is available in fine and medium grades.

M-Tools Accessory Tile Sponge

SKU: 741013
R 15.00
M-Tools tile sponge high density foam.

Flash Harry Fibre Flex 5L (Various Colours)

R 422.00R 472.00
Premium quality fibre-reinforced acrylic. An easy-to-use non-toxic compound for waterproofing parapets, flat roofs, roof tiles, walls, gutters, water features and fish ponds. Available in 8 colours.