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Spanjaard Leather Treatment 500ml

SKU: 228081
An emulsion containing lanolin, carnauba waxes and leather fragrance to clean, protect and restore fine leather and plastic.

Spanjaard Start Up Spray 350ml

SKU: SPN0540
Original price was: R115,00.Current price is: R109,00.
Aerosol spray for instant starting of petrol and diesel engines.

Spanjaard Radiator Flush 375ml

SKU: 227697
Original price was: R45,00.Current price is: R42,00.
Effectively aids removal of accumulated rust, scale and sludge inside radiators.

Spanjaard Quick Start 350ml

SKU: 209552
Original price was: R139,00.Current price is: R107,00.
Aerosol spray for instant starting of petrol and diesel engines. Contains high vapour pressure hydrocarbons to give instant ignition in cold and damp weather when starting is difficult.

Spanjaard Lubricating Switch Cleaner 400ml

SKU: 227699
Original price was: R117,00.Current price is: R109,00.
Effective cleaner for switchgear, relays, brushes, circuit breakers, rheostats, switch contacts of all types.Washes away dirt, grease and other contaminants

Spanjaard Flaw Crack Detector No.1

SKU: SPN0310
• 3-part system detects flaws and cracks on the surfaces of metal components. • Fast, economical and reliable method of

Spanjaard Contact Cleaner 400ml

SKU: 227704
Original price was: R100,00.Current price is: R89,00.
Quickly dissolves oil and grease and removes dust and grime from electrical contacts and mechanical components.

Spanjaard Aircon Treatment Refresh 100ml

SKU: 227701
Original price was: R55,00.Current price is: R52,00.
Spanjaard Aeromist Aircon Treatment cleans air conditioners, neutralises and eliminates bad odours and freshens air in vehicles. Simple and effective.

Spanjaard Aircon Cleaner 300ml

SKU: 227703
Original price was: R85,00.Current price is: R76,00.
A refreshing odour-neutralising foaming cleaner, for auto air conditioning systems.

Wolfbox Dash Cam F9

SKU: 341079
Small and portable, Your Silent Guardian! Universal super mini camera for any cars with 4K ultra HD front camera and

Wolfbox Dash Cam I05

SKU: 341077
i05 | WOLFBOX Dash Cam Front and Rear, 4K Dash Cam with GPS WiFi UHD 2160P/1600P + 1080P