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Wynns C-Thru 250ml

SKU: 220533
R 85.00
Wynn’s C Thru is a truly remarkable innovative rain dispersant product for windscreens and windows.

Wynns Windscreen Wash For Cars

SKU: 214592
R 22.00
Removes dirt effortlessly

Wynns Aircon Treatment

SKU: 214591
R 99.00
Eliminates viruses, bacteria and odours in minutes

Tyre Shine Gel 5L

SKU: 201551
R 219.00
Tyre Shine Gel is a water based gel designed to enhance the natural shine of the rubber tyre

Spanjaard Windscreen Cleaner 500ml

SKU: SPN0960
R 45.00
A concentrated cleaner for addition to the windscreen washer reservoir.

Spanjaard Petrol Injector Cleaner 375ml

SKU: SPN0525
R 55.00
• Up to 3% improved fuel economy with regular use. • Up to 14% reduced exhaust emissions. • Premium corrosion protection.

Spanjaard Oil Treatment 375ml

SKU: SPN0450
R 65.00
Reduces oil consumption. • Reduces exhaust smoke caused by oil consumption. • For use in petrol and diesel engines. • Contains soluble molybdenum anti-wear agent that reduces friction between metal parts.

Spanjaard Diesel Conditioner 375ml

SKU: SPN0180
R 75.00
Fuel additive for automotive and marine diesel engines

Shield Wipe N Dry Chamios

SKU: SH260
R 43.00
Features Combines the characteristics of PVA with EasyglideTM Dual Surface Technology Makes cleaning and drying easier and less time-consuming Soaks

Shield Tyre Polish Black 400ml

R 50.00
Features: Pristine polish with a lovely shine Deep black colour Easy to use Maximum protection for general upkeep of tyres.

Shield Miraplate Car Polish 500ml

R 59.00
Features Easyglide™ non-streak formula provides a dazzling depth of colour and high gloss finish Protection against UV rays Safe for