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Powafix Benzine (Various Sizes)

SKU: 557181elf
R 30.00R 180.00
Description Powafix Benzine is a clear aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent blend that can be used as a cleaning agent for fats,

Powafix Sugar Soap Liquid 1L

SKU: 557152
R 36.00
Pre painting surface cleaner and degreaser General purpose household cleaner Office / factory cleaner

Powafix Sugar Soap 500g

SKU: 557150
R 30.00
Multisurface pre décor cleaner • General purpose household cleaner Cleans grease and fat deposits • Concentrated powder can be mixed for heavy and normal duty cleaning of household and factory surfaces

Powafix Mineral Turpentine (Various Sizes)

SKU: 217696elf
R 34.00R 195.00
Paint thinners for alkyd paints and varnishes Cleans brushes and painting equipment Suitable for spray applications

Powafix Lacquer Thinners (Various Sizes)

SKU: 154278elf
R 34.00R 199.00
Dilutes lacquer based paints Cleans brushes and painting equipment

Powafix Genuine Turps 750ml

SKU: 557845
R 215.00
Dilutes oil based artistic paints Natural gum extracted turpentine

Dulux Fixit Brush Cleaner/Degreaser 1L

SKU: 5147761
R 148.00
Dulux Fixit Brush Cleaner/Degreaser 1L

Polycell Sugar Soap Powder 500g

SKU: 170341
R 40.00
A multi-purpose cleaning agent Suitable for household and industrial use It is not abrasive and will not scratch the surface

Polycell Polyclens Brush Cleaner 500ml

SKU: 220513
R 84.00
For cleaning of paintbrushes and rollers General cleaning and degreasing of garage floors and driveway paving Ideal for cleaning oils

Polycell Mortalift 1L

SKU: 100116
R 129.00
Features Specially formulated blend of acids with selected additives which enhance the effectiveness Safer to use than normal acids, such