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CRC Tac2 Chain Lubricant Food Grade 300g (3076)

SKU: 227091
An exceptional lubricant, with a tough adhesive quality which will bond to chain/wear surfaces to keep them in peak operating condition by reducing friction and wear that cause metal fatigue.

CRC Q20 Q Lever Lubricant Moisture Repellant 360g (TRG0011)

SKU: 227107
Q20 multi-purpose lubricant in the new QLever Spray can specifically designed to please our customers Q20 is the leading multi-purpose lubricant that protects against corrosion, stops rust, lubricates sticky mechanisms and displaces moisture from electrical systems. Q20 is the ideal light-duty lubricant for use in the home, garage and workshop.

CRC PTFE Dry Lubricant Food Grade 400ml (32602)

SKU: 227097
PTFE lubricant for dry lubrication and use in food processing areas. Grease- and oil-free lubricant for the lubrication of plastic, rubber or metal surfaces. Clean, dry and not sticky. Temperature resistance up to 250°C. As a lubricant, CRC Dry Lube-F is most effective where low speeds and light loads are involved. Recommended for use as a lubricant in food processing areas where incidental food contact may occur.

CRC Multi Oil Food Grade 500ml (32605)

SKU: 227095
APPLICATIONS: Food processing equipment exposed to food products including: Bakery equipment Bottle filling machinery Packing equipment Stainless steel pumps Filters Valves Rollers Pistons General lubrication

CRC Lubricant Compound Copper Anti Seize 340g (14095)

SKU: 227079
Copper Anti-Seize is a general purpose anti-seize lubricant that prevents seizing caused by high temperature, heavy loads, vibrations and corrosion. Conductive.

CRC Hi Temp Food Grease Synthetic FPS 400ml (227106)

SKU: 227106
CRC HiTemp Food Grease is an EP grease for applications in heavy conditions like very high temperatures. Provides long-term high temperature lubrication on all food processing equipment where incidental food contact may occur. Protects against corrosion in wet environments. Extends lubrication intervals and working life of components.

CRC Grease Multipurpose Food Grade 400ml (20158)

SKU: 227101
Reliable lubricating grease intended for use during general maintenance in the food processing industry where incidental food contact may occur. A non-toxic, high performance lubricant with good anti-corrosion properties.

CRC Electrical Silicone Lubricant 284g (2094)

SKU: 227071
Specially Formulated to Lubricate, Waterproof and Protect Electrical Components; Helps Prevent Corrosion to Electrical Equipment Located in Wet or Harsh Environments; Lubricates, Waterproofs and Protects with a Thin, Clear, Non-Staining Dry Film. Eliminates Binding and Sticking While Protecting Most Surfaces; Low Surface Tension Permits Better Coverage and Deeper; RoHS Compliant

CRC Dry Molly Lube 500ml (32660)

SKU: 227098
High pressure resistant, dry MoS2 film for metal-to-metal lubrication where a wet film cannot be tolerated. High temperature resistance. Reduces stick and slip problems. Displaces and seals out water and moisture. General corrosion protection. Prevents seizing and fretting. Produces a very low coefficient of friction.

CRC Dry Graphite Lubricant 283g (3094)

SKU: 227105
Ideal where a dry lubricant is required or where petroleum products must be avoided. Resists dirt, dust and oil build-up. Wide effective temperature range up to 850°F constant.

CRC Di-Electric Grease Food Grade 284g (3082)

SKU: 227085
Non-curing silicone compound used for electrical sealing, lubricating, protecting and insulating. Waterproofs electrical connections and components. Improves electrical performance in adverse weather conditions.