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Roller Mohair Mock Complete 225mm

SKU: 214310
R 55.00
For solvent and water-based enamel paints on smooth surfaces

Roller Mohair Complete (Various Sizes)

SKU: 7702elf
R 44.00R 64.00
For water and solvent-based enamel paints on smooth surfaces, resulting in a superb and even professional finish

Roller Epoxy Pile Complete (Various Sizes)

SKU: 221852elf
R 52.00R 70.00
APPLICATION: For water & solvent-based epoxy applications, as well as for applying resins, fibreglass & special floor coatings. FEATURES &

Roller Mini Flocked 110mm Tray Set (H)

SKU: 7914
R 84.00
Superior quality application of water and solvent-based enamels and varnishes, on wood and metal surfaces

Roller Complete Ruffpile 225mm

SKU: DA05550
R 65.00
For PVA paints on rough surfaces

Roller Complete Lambswool 230mm

SKU: DA05502
R 52.00
For PVA paints on smooth and rough surfaces

Roller Complete Furpile 225mm

SKU: DA05523
R 49.00
For PVA and enamel paints on rough and smooth surfaces

Roller Complete Eezypile 225mm

SKU: DA05610
R 64.00
For PVA paints on rough surfaces

Roller Complete Ecopile 225mm

SKU: DA05538
R 39.00
Synthetic pile economy quality for PVA paints

Roller Classic Trayset 225mm Complete

SKU: 721022
R 96.00
Ideal for use with high viscosity water-based paints & plaster primers on rough surfaces