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Citronella Oil Fuel 2l (Various Colours)

SKU: 315535a
R 199.00
For lanterns and wicker basket torches. Deodorised paraffin scented with citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus.

Yale Smoke Detector 85dB

SKU: 214844
R 335.00
Protect your family by using Yale Smoke Detectors in your home to alert you of any potential fire threats

Birdguard Black 1 Meter

SKU: M20011
R 119.00
Our Birdguard range offers a humane way of preventing birds from landing on ledges, roofs and buildings.

Fly Trap Red Top Bag & Bait Only (1 Bag & 1 Bait)

SKU: 154
R 35.00
Service pack for Redtop flycatcher at code REDTOP STANDARD FLY CATCHER (REUSABLE) consist of one bag and one packet bait.

Descaler Pro Gen Powder 250g

SKU: 217021
R 47.00
De-scaler used in kettles, flat-irons, washing machines and dishwashers.

Citronella Oil Fuel Red 2l

SKU: 315535
R 200.00
Citronella Oil Fuel Red 2l

Citronella Oil Fuel Green 2l

SKU: 999025
R 189.00
Citronella Oil Fuel Green 2L

Fly Trap Red Top Disposable

SKU: 155
R 67.00
Disposable fly trap with bait for outdoor use.