Denbraven Silicone Seal (Various Colours)

SKU: 203554elf
Acetoxy silicone for building and glazing joints Zwaluw Silicone 1001 Universal is a versatile acetoxy silicone sealant, which cures by reacting to moisture to form a durable elastic rubber seal. The product is UV and weather resistant.

Weed Killer Round Up (Various Sizes)

SKU: 34726elf
Weed Killer Round Up (Various Sizes)

Bost Silicone Home (Various Sizes)

SKU: 2530elf
A high quality, general silicone sealant suitable for all general applications

Bostik Silicone Shower (Various Sizes)

SKU: 3349elf
A flexible silicone sealant suitable for all sanitary ware and DIY applications.

Bostik Silicone Bath (Various Sizes)

SKU: 1687elf
A flexible silicone sealant suitable for all sanitary ware and DIY applications.

Alcolin Cornice Adhesive (Various Sizes)

SKU: 221065
ALCOLIN CORNICE ADHESIVE is an off white, high strength, flexible, low shrinkage ready mix paste adhesive used to bond cornices including polystyrene cornices to a variety of different substrates such as plaster, painted or cement surfaces. ALCOLIN CORNICE ADHESIVE can be painted over with any suitable paint such as PVA, Acrylic or Enamel.

Bost Silicone Marine (Various Sizes)

SKU: 1008elf
Aquarium silicone sealant suitable for fish tanks and heavy duty marine work as it contains NO fungicides.

Alcolin Fix-All (Various Sizes)

ALCOLIN FIX-ALL is a modern, synthetic rubber-based universal adhesive paste, which is used in place of nails and screws. Adheres to virtually all common building materials and replaces nails and screws in a multitude of applications. It is excellent for use in the home and garage, at the office and for school projects.

Alcolin Silicone Acrylic (Various Colours)

SKU: 05753a
ALCOLIN ACRYLIC SEALANT is a water based general-purpose, flexible sealant that is used for caulking, grouting, jointing and embedding in building construction. It is easy to apply and compatible with most materials used in construction e.g. concrete, wood, brick, natural and artificial stone, glass, metal and sanitary-ware. Available in brilliant white or grey.